At SAC, we recognise that the consumer demand for food is becoming more complex and constantly changing - and that there is a strong trend towards a constantly increased focus on sustainability. This trend has a clear impact on the agricultural business in general - but also us in the value chain for milk production.

We understand sustainability within milking as:
- caring for the animals wellbeing, animal welfare
- reducing the carbon footprint of our solutions
- maintaining the highest level of the milk quality
- taking responsibility for a long and succesful life-time of ”our” installed solutions
- ensuring a functional and ergonomical workplace for the milker
- supporting the farmers profitability.

Therefore, at SAC we have built a vision for the future - where we want to create a foundation where we become market leaders in sustainable solutions for dairy farmers.

- We strongly believe that within sustainable milking there is a real value in dedicating ourselves to the
  needs of the animal, the milk and the milker.
- We devote ourselves to the strong family values of the founding S. A. Christensen family.
- We strive after simplicity in our solutions and in the way we work.