It is important to us that your daily work in the barn is good, comfortable and enjoyable. We deliver solutions that ease your daily work in an ergonomically optimal environment and with focus on the cow and her comfort. Together we deliver a high milk yield with the best possible quality – for you to make a sustainable profit.

Maximize the Outcome of Your Efforts

You want to keep track of the performance of each cow. How they are and the quality of their milk. You also want to rationalize the working routines around milking. To free man-hours for other tasks for you to choose and prioritize the work on your farm. At SAC, we believe that by knowing the performance of your cows and prioritizing the work-days, you will be able to optimize your profits.

The Best for You and Your Cows

There are many aspects to consider, when you install a milking solution. Of course, it is important, that it will help you achieve the best possible milking. But you also need to think about the welfare of your cows – naturally – and how the working space is for you or your workers. How do you prefer the contact with your cows?

Always Know How Your Cows are Doing

Another aspect is the management system – how much and how reliable data do you need to make the best decisions and improve your profits. Is the data presented to you in real-time, when and wherever you need it? We offer you a Management Dairy Solution with a large number of modules to choose from and many access points to fulfill your needs and ease your work – from simple solutions to more advanced ones.

Choose a Reliable and Complete Milking Solution

You want time to tend your cows and time to run your farm. Therefore, SAC will deliver a reliable and complete milking solution that is future-proofed and gives you the best possible yield with the best possible milk quality. To give you the best profit for your daily effort. To get the best possible milking every day, you need a complete milking solution – not just a milking machine.