External Rotary

Externally operated milking rotary for cows

SAC external operated milking rotary for cows is made in heavy duty execution and designed for 24/7 milking. It is intended for large herds due to the high capacity, where cow comfort during milking is in the absolute forefront. At the same time it is ideal for two milkers or more. The platform is cast in untreated concrete, so the cows stand well and safely during milking. The cows are led into a three meter long entrance. Depending on the size, the carousel has at least one double towing station with stepless variable speed. The many plastic wheels are an important part of the carousel's construction, which ensures a low friction and thereby a stable speed during milking. IDC with associated Quickstart is well placed between the cows in a galvanized box and ensures the milker a good workstation. Likewise, the SAC carousel is equipped with clamp fuses and water-based expulsion system, which gives the cows maximum safety during exit.

The advantages at a glance

  • optimal working conditions
  • the high milk quality is maintained
  • individual cow monitoring: attaching for a second time without loss of capacity
  • cows are automatically separated