Side-by-side rapid exit

The side-by-side milking parlour is a versatile milking parlour, characterised by ease of use and the overview of the goats that it enables. The milking parlour is easy to use and is also extremely flexible, as it can easily be upgraded. The side-by-side milking parlour rapid exit is available in the Footloose and Footloose Comfort models.

Easy entry and exit

The side-by-side milking parlour is fitted with slanted positioning gates. This enables the goat to enter and exit easily, so she can take up and leave her position quickly and without problems. The side-by-side milking parlour is also ideal for feeding goats, both automatically and manually.

Ergonomic milking environment

The milking cluster is at the ideal height for good milking. As soon as the teat cups move downwards, the quickstart feature means that the vacuum is automatically activated and the entire milking process begins. The only thing that needs to be done is attaching the teat cups to the teats. Good follow-up checks are simple, as the goats are close by during milking. This model of parlour also transports the milk with care to ensure that it retains its high quality. Thanks to the adjustable SAC Unifloor, the user is always at just the right working height.

Smart milking unit

The milking installation is fitted with a compact IDC milking unit that combines all necessary functions in a single device. These include: an electronic pulsator, simultaneous and alternate milking and milk-flow-controlled easing off, quick start, display, milk measurement and an alarm that sounds when milking is incorrect.





The Footloose Rapid Exit milking parlour is a floating unit with plastic panels and non-spring loaded gates. It is low-maintenance, very easy to clean, and provides maximum visibility of the goats. Providing feed to tempt them into the unit or feed concentrate is optional. There is also the additional option of latches for the milking parlour's positioning gates. The Footloose Comfort also has the additional option of a higher feed trough, adjusted to ensure the goat's comfort, which enables individual feeding.

The advantages at a glance:
• good overview in the parlour pit while milking is underway
• simple monitoring
• fast and easy reattachment
• lower investment