2RO | External Rotary



When it comes to milking goats, nothing can improve efficiency like a well-designed milking parlour. The milker spends most of the time on manual operations. Therefore, it is important that you can perform all operations quickly, efficient and uniform. Turning capacity is important without compromising on milking quality. Therefore, we proudly introduce the new external rotary for goats: 2RO

The 2RO parlour has been developed based on years of experience in milking goats. This parlour includes several features that make milking even more efficient and comfortable. One of these features is the unique and distinctive QuickUp, which allows you to milk directly out of the rotary. This improves ergonomics and reduces the number of actions per goat. The QuickStart ensures that milking starts automatically when you lift up the teat cups. These two features allow you to connect as of 2.7 seconds per goat*. In addition, you will save each milking 10 minutes of intensive work with our unique cleaning and start position. The big freedom of movement of the teat cups improves and accelarates the milking process.









The QuickUp is a unique way of milking the goats because of the milk cups passage through out of the platform. The milking cups are directly under the teats so you can attach the cups in one vertical movement. This ergonomic development means that you need to perform fewer actions per goat. This is not only an ergonomic advantage, but you also can now connect from 2.7 seconds per goat*. High capacity without compromise for good milking and a better life for the milker. The construction of the QuickUp is well contemplate and tested in practice. It contains per stand only one cylinder, without any air valve under the platform. This results in a robust system with less maintenance. Besides that, this same cylinder brings the teat cups also automatically in cleaning position.



• Quick attachment - up to 2.7 seconds gain per goat
• Robust construction - one cylinder per stand
• Ergonomic milking - light teat cups and a short distance to teat
• Automatic cleaning and start position
• Continue milking at entrance to second round

* 2.7 seconds is achievable depending on the goat traffic and the milker




2RO External Rotary | overview



The big freedom for the teat cups allowing you to milk all types of goats (small and large goats, different udders). During the milking process a visual check is possible because of the transparent teat cups and hoses. If your goat has not finished completed milking yet, it can go for a second round.



The stand width is 45 cm which creates a comfortable place for the goat. On the stand the QuickUp has an width of only 20 cm, so goats can enter the platform safely and during milking they have enough space to stay comfortably. Besides that, all edges are smooth and round, it will not hurt the goat and milker.



As soon as you move the teat cups up, the vacuum is automatically activated by the QuickStart feature and the whole milking process starts. All you have to do is attach the cups to the teats and the rest is done for you. The QuickStart also ensures gentle removal, when the milking is done. Furthermore, the vacuum in the teat cups stops before removal.



Apollo Farm Control gives you more control over the most important parameters of your dairy farm. With the latest data from Apollo Farm Control, you can manage your daily routines more efficiently and keep track of your herd. You can organise your ongoing processes such as milking, programmed concentrate dispensing, goat selection and animal identification to suit your needs.



The milking technology is pre-assembled and can be installed in the parlour immediately. Each milking system is thoroughly tested before leaving the factory, thus ensuring that the parlour is operational in a short period of time.



Within the range of our complete milking systems, we offer flexible solutions. Of course, adapted to the wishes and requirements of the individual dairy farmer. SAC is here for you. We will gladly take you along on the journey to the ideal solution for milking your goats. The SAC 2RO is available from 60 stands till 120 stands.













We know how important it is that your milking parlour works properly. The experienced service organisation of your local SAC-dealer is here for you to give you all necessary advice and support. Whether by phone, online or in person on the site. With 24-hour availability, you can receive appropriate assistance at any time of the day. This ensures a short response time and immediate support when needed. After all, it is important that you (and your employees) can do your job the best way possible and your dairy farm runs smoothly. 

Our experienced service organisation will be happy to advise you on preventive maintenance, improvements and service agreements. Our high-quality maintenance protocols are important for a smooth-running milking parlour. Reduce your costs and optimise your system. This will keep your milking installation reliable and efficient for years to come.

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