A Robotic Dairy Solution Helps You
You will get more time on your hands if you install a Robotic Dairy Solution. It will take care of the milking, leaving you more time to care for your cows, your workers and your business. In fact, the Robotic Dairy Solution might even increase your milk yield – while you, your employees and family are free to concentrate on other tasks. Think of it as maximizing production.

It is not even that big of an investment. The RDS FUTURE­LINE ELITE is a cost-efficient solution. It is very durable, easy to maintain and easy to upgrade. It will milk your herd for many years to come. Gently and efficiently. 

Comfort for Both You and Your Cows
The open box system makes sure that there is optimal comfort for your cows. It gives your cows space inside the box and ample space to walk in and out. The highly recognized and reliable Vision2Milk software gives im­pressive teat-recognition, which minimizes the number of failed milkings, maintains udder health and keeps your cows happy.

The design of the parlour is not just user-friendly for your cows. There is good work space for you as well – e.g. you have enough room for and access to manual milking from the box near the cow, if you would desire to do so.

Save Money, Save time, Improve Your Profit
With the RDS FUTURELINE ELITE you only have a few maintenance tasks and that keeps the cost of ownership low. The solution is optimized for low energy and water consumption.

You not only get the benefit from a high yield – due to the efficient milking – you get more time on your hands and you also achieve cost-savings. You will quickly see a return on your investment.