Our Management Dairy Solution enables you to concentrate on the parameters most important for your business – based on real-time data.

Solve Challenges Anywhere, Anytime
You can access the data from your herd – no matter where you are: On your computer in the office or on a touch screen near the animals. You can always react to issues brought to your attention – making the right decisions in time.

Everything You Need to Know

We offer you different modules of management systems, for you to get exactly the information you need to optimize your profits. Whether it is at herd level or you need to know data for the individual sheep or goat – SAC has a solution to let you know.

IDC, touch screen, Saturnus. All our management solutions are built on knowledge from competent experts and many years of experience in dairy farming.

With the Saturnus Management Solution you get a data-driven management platform that gives you an easy overview of data – at herd level as well as individual
animal level. You will have everything in one place and it helps you manage the daily routines in the installation efficiently.

The IDC is a milking place unit ensures a good overview of the milking for you to keep focus on the animal, a good milk quality and good working conditions