Milking That Fits Your Needs and Your Herd
Just how many sheep and goats do you need to milk per hour? It is all about efficiency. Milking a sheep or a goat does not take long.

The milking solution should not prolong this, just because you have, not one but e.g. one thousand animals. The par­lour must provide easy in – quick attachment – efficient milking – and easy out. We designed the SAC sheep and goat milking solutions with this in mind – and made it gen­tle to the animals and easy-to-operate.

Optimal Workspace For You and Your Animals
Not only do we care about the comfort of your animals, we also care about you. You need an ergonomically optimal and comfortable working space – ensuring that you can work efficiently and fast. In a SAC milking parlour you are always close to the animals during milking. Avoiding long stretches and providing everything within easy reach.

Your animals also need an environment that is sound and where it is easy to move in and out. Giving them enough space, our milking solutions are designed to let you milk more than a thousand animals per hour. The more effi­cient you can do the milking, the more cost-effective It is.

Easy Maintenance to Stay Profitable
There are very few things more frustrating than a milking parlour out of order, when you have hundreds of animals who needs milking. But still, you do not want to spend hours every day cleaning and maintaining the milking parlour. We know this, and we design our milking solutions both robust and with easy cleaning and maintenance. It keeps your costs of ownership low by limiting your main­tenance costs.

Future-Proofed and High-Quality
Your SAC milking solution will be durable for many years, and it does not grow out of date. You always have access to upgrades and spare parts in the future. You will be able to keep your milking solution running for many years and continually change or add more to your milking parlour, whenever your herd and your needs change.

A milking solution from SAC is built on years of experience and focused research and development. It is a solution that will ensure you high-quality milking – and profit – for many years.

Well-Designed Milking Parlours

Rapid animal throughput, easy operation and high-quality output. Whether your herd is small, very big or any number of animals in between, you can get an efficient milking solution that fits your needs. And your herd. With careful transport of the milk to keep a high-quality output.

More Than 1.000 ANIMALS AN HOUR
Our external rotary is an easy-to-use solution with a very high capacity for large herds and high-yield milking. You can milk more than 1.000 animals per hour. The ergonomic design lets you attach an animal every three seconds.

A Flexible Solution Close to the Animals
With a side-by-side solution you work close to the animals and have a good overview. The side-by-side solution is easy-to-use and gives you great flexibility as it is easily upgraded.