Of great importance: rest and regularity

Goats are special animals. They are smart, agile and know what they want. They are also real creatures of habit. Changes make them restless. Several things are of great importance for an optimal milking of a goat. We would like to list them for you.

Routing to and from the milking parlour
To milk a goat the best possible way, the routing of the goat to the milking parlour already influences the milking. A goat is a creature of habit. Picking up groups of goats from the milking parlour in the same way will ultimately result in less stress during milking. As soon as a goat arrives in the milking parlour, the way of milking also affects it. Connecting the teat cups in the same way tailored to the goats (think of vacuum, nipple liners and take-off) provides convenience and ultimately calmness in the milking parlour. And this ultimately results in relaxed goats.

The importance of attaching nipple liners properly
In addition to the right conditions for milking goats, the equipment is also decisive for a good milking. Think of the teat liners with a cup. These should be connected in a way that the teat-end fits straight into the liner and does not push against the liner shaft. And only at the last moment of the milking process should the teat cup go up, so that there is no ring forming around the teat and good milking takes place.

Type of parlour making a difference
The type of milking parlour can also make a difference in milking goats. With a side-by-side milking parlour, goats enter in groups. The walk-through of the goats is of great importance here. Whether or not there is a supply of feed in the milking parlour and whether the group size is adjusted to the capacity of the milking parlour has direct consequences for the milking of the goat.

In a rotary, the entry is steady. Pushing the herd in the best possible way with the crowd gate reduces stress levels in the goats, and the feed supply also determines empty spaces, which ultimately affects the goat's milking.

The milker's wishes
Let's not forget the milker's wishes. In addition to functional issues, it is important to consider ergonomic aspects for the farmer. Matters such as being able to exercise physical control in a milking parlour during the entire milking process and whether or not to separate the goats are important to the farmer. But also taking into account good working conditions for the farmer. Think of the depth of the milking pit by using a height-adjustable floor and light equipment for milking. Ultimately, this also contributes to good milking conditions.

We are happy to help!
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